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Innovation Culture and Capabilities

deliver results while learning to innovate

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Innovation does not only belong to product development or research department. To stay relevant in the changing market, all employees need to actively innovate. Unfortunately, the organization's “immune system” and the tyranny of 'business as usual' often inhibits the process of corporate innovation. 
Startup Room

Companies need an innovation culture development program that involves all employees beyond cosmetics and rituals. It should be designed and delivered in a simple, fun, and scalable way. Also, infuse creative corporate gamification activities to help shape employee's growth mindset and encourage innovative behaviors in a sustainable manner.

We can help you do that and more, as we actively build employee innovation capabilities during the process. Our unique learning methodology involve participants directly in the innovation process. Thus, workshops such as Design Thinking, Agile Execution, and Leading Innovation manifest itself into a meaningful experience that is not only exciting but also directly produces immediate tangible results. 
Explore our capability development programs below
Modern Office


On the Job Innovating

15 weeks project-based innovation capability development program involving employees from a diverse range of functions without leaving their day-to-day job.

Public Speaker


Immersive learning experience with highly interactive and hands-on sessions creates strong engagement of all workshop participants. 

Laptop Ladies


Time-boxed challenge to immerse participants into real rapid innovation cycles and processes from ideation, development to deployment.

Innovation Jump-starters

Jump-start your innovation culture with these highly interactive, hands-on and hilariously fun creative events

Inovation express.jpg
Innovation Express

Experience first hand the process of creating innovation in the silicon valley style. Learn customer empathy, define problems, ideate alternative solutions, create prototypes, and test solutions.

Businesscraft playday.jpg
BusinessCraft Playday

Super fun board game experience that accurately simulates the challenges and processes of business innovation used by companies to grow business and beat competitors.

agile improv.jpg
Agile Improv Challenge

Being agile is not as easy as it sounds. Practice agile attitudes and agile ways of working using excitingly popular method used by Harvard and Stanford University called Improv Theater.

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