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On the Job Innovating

15 weeks project-based innovation capability development program involving employees from a diverse range of functions without leaving their day-to-day job.


  • Develop a combination of cognitive skills (e.g. the ability to think creatively and critically) and behavioral skills (e.g. the ability to solve problems, to manage risk).

  • Able to work effectively with others; taking actions that respect the needs and contributions of others; negotiating a win-win solution to achieve team objectives. 

  • Produce better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs through more effective products, processes, or services. 


35 participants per cohort in a project-based activity for a period of 15 weeks. Activities include onboardings, workshops, online lessons, project pitches and sprints, coachings, project implementation, and showcasing. On the Job Innovating is led by a lead consultant and supported by a team of coaches.

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Innovation Workshops

  • Workshop contents are highly practical resulting in strong applicability of all competencies being developed. 

  • An immersive workshop design with highly interactive sessions creates a strong engagement of all participants. 

  •  It is a hands-on experience for participants to directly involved in the innovation process with close guidance from trainer and facilitator.


Acquire a deep understanding of the Design Thinking principles, processes and tools. Apply the Design Thinking methodology and tools to generate breakthrough ideas and co-create an improved customer experience journey. Improve personal effectiveness by becoming a more empathetic and solutive service provider.


Agile is not just for projects. Take the agile principles and practices to optimize your day to day routine work. Strategy is important, but execution is everything. Translate your OKR into sprints and sprints into results. This is the discipline of execution in an agile environment.

Other workshop topics:

Leading Innovation | Business Innovation | Innovation Strategy | Pitching Innovation | Financing Innovation | Innovative Behavior | Measuring Innovation | Work Automation | Design Sprint | Agile Scrum | Business Process Redesign | Innovator's Mindset


Time-boxed challenge to immerse participants into real rapid innovation cycles and processes from ideation, development to deployment.


Come up with lots of ideas within minutes, explore, and create alternatives to solve specific problems. This event will force you team to think and act out of the box.


Build your squad with a diverse backgrounds. Create products or solutions in less than 24 hours. test your wit and endurance and show your true potential.


This is no ordinary competition. Let employees build their dream team and give them 5 days to find problems worth solving and deliver the best solution.

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