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Turbulent times call for bold innovation

enable your talents to innovate at the speed of change

Image by Rangga Cahya Nugraha

Market shifts. Customer preferences change. Operating model is no longer relevant. Business process is becoming obsolete. Business model gets disrupted. The old ways of working are not working anymore. We need to innovate, fast!


Research showed that companies invested in innovation during a crisis would come out stronger than ever before.


We are here to help you achieve that.

CIAS enables corporate talents to design, develop, and deploy innovation to drive business performance.

Our unique approach and methodology can help anyone in your organization to innovate, be it to make internal processes faster and more efficient, to build new products or services, or to create new growth engines to capture future business opportunities.

Team Meeting
Three areas in which we can help your organization:


Develop two most crucial factors of corporate innovation, namely culture and capabilities, in an exciting, effective and sustainable way. 


Run various multiple innovation projects through-out your organization in agile ways. Let us take care of the process, you focus on delivering.​


Automate routine and manual work so your talents can focus on creating high-value work that only humans can do (a.k.a. innovating).

Three reasons why large corporations in Indonesia and their multi-national counterparts choose to partner with us:
Similing Team

Deliver results while building capabilities

We believe that whatever we do, we must deliver results. But we must do so in a way that enables internal talents to master the skills needed so they can continue innovating even when we are no longer around.

Old Globe

Global standards with local approaches

We have worked alongside big global consulting firms such as Deloitte, Accenture and AT Kerney. We apply their standards in serving our clients and execute them in a more local and familiar way.

Image by Med Badr  Chemmaoui

 Flexible design and investment options

We have various programs with different investment options to meet the need of companies that are just starting to innovate or those that want to take their innovation initiatives to the next level.

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