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Elevate your game in the age of AI—transform uncertainty into opportunity.

"In the midst of the AI revolution, with global uncertainties increasing and customer preferences shifting at an unprecedented pace, the way corporations create, deliver, and innovate stands on the brink of transformation. The future belongs to those who adapt swiftly, turning the tides of change into pathways for opportunity."

Dr. Indrawan Nugroho, CEO & Co-founder CIAS

Turbo-charge your corporate innovation innitiatives.


With CIAS, you gain a strategic partner committed to your transformation and success in the dynamic AI landscape. 

We can help you innovate in the following areas: 

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Strategic Innovation for Competitive Advantage

Leverage our corporate innovation model and digital maturity framework to develop forward-thinking strategies. Beyond conventional best practices, we guide you in investing in breakthrough innovations that redefine your industry standards.

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Innovation Project and

Portfolio Management

Maximize the potential of your innovation projects with our expert portfolio management. We help you identify, prioritize, and execute projects that align with strategic goals, driving sustainable growth and capturing new business opportunities.

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Cultivating Talent for

the AI Revolution

Prepare your workforce for the challenges and opportunities of AI. Our people development programs focus on building the right mindset, behaviors, and skillsets, ensuring your team to thrive in the age of AI.

Artificial Intelligence

Our Value Proposition

These are why our clients love us


Practical, Hands-On Consulting Services

At the core of our approach is a commitment to hands-on and collaborative consulting. We work side-by-side with your team to solve problems, applying our expertise directly where it's most needed. 


Deliver Results While Building Capabilities

We believe that whatever we do, we must deliver results. But we must do so in a way that enables internal talents to master the skills needed so they can continue innovating even when we are no longer around.


Global Standards with Local Approaches

We have worked alongside big global consulting firms such as Deloitte, Accenture and AT Kerney. We apply their standards in serving our clients and execute them in a more local and familiar way.


Flexible Design and Investment Options

We have various programs with different investment options to meet the need of companies that are just starting to innovate or those that want to take their innovation initiatives to the next level.

CIAS is trusted by industry leaders
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