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These are some projects we delivered in the past years
Social network concept

Digital Transformation

Telkomsel is the leading cellular network operator in Indonesia with 175 million subscribers and is undergoing a digital transformation process. 

Over a period of three years, CIAS worked closely with Telkomsel senior leaders to undertake massive talent interventions involving more than 1500 employees. 


From developing young talents into Digital Futurists to partnering with Deloitte in facilitating a series of DigitalX projects for senior leaders, the program has helped create a more open mind, experimental, and agile workforce eager to bring Telkomsel into becoming a truly digital company.

Image by Lenny Kuhne

Staying On Top

Astra Honda Motor (AHM) manufactures, assembles and distributes Honda motorcycle in Indonesia. It is the industry undisputed market leader with 75% market share. 


For the past two years, AHM senior leaders partner with CIAS consultants to explore new ways of working and seek new business opportunities within its internal organization and its massive networks of distributors. 


More than 200 selected employees involved in the projects resulting 25 different innovation innitiatives ranging from improving business processes to winning new customers.

Fixing Electricity Lines

SOE Breaktroughs

Perusahaan Listrik Negara or ‘State Electricity Company' is a government-owned company established in 1945 and in urgent need to innovate. 

In a series of consulting activities which include workshops and coaching sessions, CIAS helped 136 selected employees coming from managerial level to frontline staffs to discover problems within internal PLN and its external customers and then facilitated them to ideate innovative solutions.  


The result was 68 innovation proposals submitted and pitched to management ranging from business process innovations to product/service innovations.

Video Recording

Leading Innovation

ANTV is Indonesia’s highest rating TV station. The rise of digital media and shift in consumer preferences drove ANTV to innovate to maintain its competitive edges against competitors. 


CIAS conducted a 5 months project-based innovation program involving managers from different departments where they worked together to identify problems, sought opportunities and developed real innovative solutions.  


The results were game changing digital tools and new innovative business processes which enhance the way the company operates both internally and externally.

Pharmacist  in aisle of Pharmacy

Beating the Odds

Fresenius Kabi is a global pharmaceutical company producing a range of I.V. generic drugs, infusion therapies and clinical nutrition products as well as the medical devices for administering these products. 

Our consultant worked very closely with Fresenius Kabi Indonesia’s top leaders to meet the challenges of BPJS, a new regulation of Indonesian government which has put players in healthcare industry on edge.

A 3 months tailored program was launched involving senior leaders (VP) down to the Medical Representatives (MR). The program had resulted in the development of new sales channels, innovative marketing initiatives, as well as increase in sales achievements.

Financial Report

Second Growth Engine

BFI Finance is a multi-finance company wih the largest distribution network in Indonesia. Established in 1982, BFI now has 228 branch offices and 173 outlets spread across 33 of the country’s 34 provinces, and supported by over 11,000 employees. 

Heavier competition and shift of customer preferences forced BFI to seek new engines of growth. CIAS partnered with BFI Board of Directors to design and launch an internal business incubation program involving selected employees from a range of functions. 

The program (from idea to market) took only 5 months to complete. The results were extraordinary. New products and services were launched, and new market segments were created.

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