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Innovation Project and

Portfolio Management

Maximize the potential of your innovation projects with our expert portfolio management. We help you identify, prioritize, and execute projects that align with strategic goals, driving sustainable growth and capturing new business opportunities.

Innovation Competition

In the face of today's fast-changing markets, fostering innovation is critical for corporate success. CIAS excels in designing and executing innovation competitions that unlock your employees' creativity and drive real business results. Our comprehensive services support your organization at every stage of the innovation process, ensuring these competitions are not mere events but key drivers of strategy, engagement, and transformative solutions. Partnering with CIAS means adopting a strategic approach to innovation competition that maximizes outcomes and enhances business performance.

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Ideation Challenge

Ideation Challenge motivates employees at all levels to share their ideas, prioritizing the volume of contributions to foster maximum engagement and inclusivity. It aims to harness the collective intellectual capital of your workforce to lay the foundation for innovative breakthroughs.


Innovation Competition

Moving from ideas to actionable proposals, Innovation Competiton encourages employees to submit detailed innovation plans. This phase emphasizes quality, with the goal of identifying initiatives that can significantly improve business performance and set the groundwork for growth and competitive edge.


Implementation Showcase

Innovation Implementation Showcase allows employees to demonstrate the outcomes of thescalable successes. This stage aims to ir innovations, focusing on identifying broaden the impact of proven innovations across the company, enhancing overall corporate value.


At CIAS, we believe that a well-structured innovation competition can be a powerful catalyst for corporate growth and transformation. By partnering with us, you ensure that your innovation efforts are not just exercises in creativity but strategic, impactful endeavors that propel your company forward in the global marketplace.

Innovation Projects

In today's competitive business landscape, growth hinges on strategic innovation project and portfolio management. CIAS stands out in navigating the complexities of such initiatives, meticulously designing and executing each project for maximum impact. Our approach ensures your innovation aligns with corporate strategy, fostering sustainable growth and competitive advantage. Partnering with CIAS transforms innovation potential into tangible success, leveraging careful planning and execution for optimal outcomes.

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Business Process

Focused on enhancing your current operations, this service streamlines and improves existing business processes through strategic innovation projects. It aims to optimize workflows, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, thereby enhancing overall performance.


Products and Services

This innovation project is dedicated to the creation of new products or services, aiming to meet emerging market demands and customer needs. By fostering innovation in your offerings, we help you stay ahead of the competition and capture new growth opportunities.


New Ventures

Concentrated on pioneering new growth avenues, this service supports the development of new business models and ventures. It's about unlocking new business potential and driving significant growth beyond your core business activities.

How we manage Innovation Projects and Portfolios

We employ a design thinking approach combined with agile methodologies to manage innovation projects. This ensures that our strategies are customer-centric, adaptable, and geared towards delivering the highest value. Our process involves iterative development, continuous feedback, and rapid prototyping to address complex challenges effectively and efficiently.

When it comes to managing the innovation portfolio, CIAS prioritizes the optimization of company resources through meticulous innovation accounting. This approach enables us to ensure the highest Return on Investment (RoI) and a substantial increase in corporate performance. By balancing the portfolio with a mix of short-term wins and long-term strategic bets, we prepare your corporation for a bright future, grounded in innovative strength and market leadership.

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