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Wednesday, 31 May 2023

Design Thinking Express is a 7-hours workshop with hands-on learning activities to help employees learn and experience the innovation process using the Design Thinking approach.

Experience Innovation

Experience the process of creating innovation in silicon valley style first-hand, online! Very fast and effective. Learn customer empathy, define problems, find alternative solutions, prototype and test solutions.

Design Thinking Workshop by Corporate Innovation Asia
Design Thinking Workshop by Corporate Innovation Asia
Design Thinking Workshop by Corporate Innovation Asia
Design Thinking Workshop by Corporate Innovation Asia
Design Thinking Workshop by Corporate Innovation Asia
Design Thinking Workshop by Corporate Innovation Asia
Participants are divided into several squads. Each is facilitated by a coach. The Squad will deal with specific problems from real customers and must present real solutions using a Design Thinking approach. It's a fast-paced, experimental, and no-nonsense learning experience.

In addition to Zoom, we use MIRO to enable participants to study, work and collaborate simultaneously as if they were in the same room (access via browser, no need to install an application).

Our Learning Journey


15' – Opening & Welcoming


90' – Enter Innovation Zone

Explore how top Silicon Valley companies like Google run innovation projects. Learn Design Thinking. Master beyond keywords.


120' - Discover Innovation Opportunities

Meet real customers and conduct in-depth interviews to uncover their irritating tastes and untouched needs. Frame their problems into opportunities.



60' – Lunch Break


5' – Ice Breaking


120' – Develop Innovative Solutions

Use various ideation techniques to unleash your creativity. Prototype and think about alternative innovative solutions.



90' – Validate and Celebrate Innovation

Test your innovative solutions on your chosen target customers. Get their feedback. Learn and repeat. It's time to celebrate!



10' - Closing

Workshop Leader

Dr. Indrawan Nugroho

Indrawan Nugroho is a Corporate Innovation Consultant, Co-founder, and CEO of Corporate Innovation Asia (CIAS). He is also one of the founders of the Kubik Leadership Group. Since 2000, Indra has provided consulting and training services to increase the productivity of more than 150 companies, including most of the Fortune 100 companies in Indonesia.




31 May 2023

08.30 - 17.00 WIB


IDR 5,217,000,- /person

(include vat 11%)

Early Bird: IDR 4,434,450,-

/person (include vat 11%)

paid 1 week before the workshop

Group of 3: IDR 12,520,800,-

/3 people (include vat 11%)


The registration process is complete after filling out the Registration form and making payment by transfer to

Bank Mandiri

KCP Jakarta Sovereign Plaza


Cipta Konsultan Internasional.

Upload proof of transfer via the Registration form. If you need an invoice to make a payment, chat +62 812 8000 6101 (WhatsApp Chat only).


CIAS is a hands-on consulting with a mission to enable corporate talents to design, develop and deploy innovations to drive business  performance.

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