16-17 December 2020

Two half-day online sessions of hands-on learning activities to help employees learn and experience the process of innovation using the Design Thinking approach.

Experience Innovation

Experience firsthand the process of creating innovation in the silicon valley style, online! Super fast and effective. Learn customer empathy, define the problem, ideate alternative solutions, create prototypes and test solutions

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Participants are divided into groups. Each is facilitated by a group coach. The groups will work on specific real customer’s problems and must present real solutions using the Design Thinking approach. It is a fast-paced, experimental, no-nonsense learning experience.

Besides Zoom, we use MIRO to enable participants to learn, work and collaborate simultaneously as if they are in the same room (access via browser, no need to install app).

Our Learning Journey

Day One

8.00 am – Zoom access opened



8.30 am – Enter Innovation Zone

Explore how Silicon Valley top companies like Google run innovation projects. Learn Design Thinking. Master it beyond the buzzword.



10.00 am - Discover Innovation Opportunities

Meet real customers and conduct deep dive interview to uncover their pains and untapped needs. Frame their problems into opportunities.



12.00 pm – Closing

Day Two

8.00 am – Zoom access opened



08.30 am – Develop Innovative Solutions

Use multiple ideation techniques to unleash your creativity. Create prototypes and brainstorm a number of alternatives of innovative solutions.



10.30 am – Validate and Celebrate Innovation

Test your innovative solution to your selected target customers. Get their feedbacks. Learn and iterate. It’s time to celebrate!



12.00 pm - Closing

Workshop Leader

Dr. Indrawan Nugroho

Indrawan Nugroho is a Corporate Innovation Consultant, founder, and CEO of Corporate Innovation Asia (CIAS). He is also the co-founder of Kubik Leadership Group. Since 2000, Indra had provided consulting and training services to improve the productivity of more than 150 companies, including most of Indonesia’s Fortune 100 companies.



Wed - Thursday

16 - 17 Dec 2020

8.30 - 12.00 WIB


Rp. 1,500,000,- /person (nett)


Early Bird: Rp. 1,250,000,- /person (nett), paid 1 week before event


Group of 3: IDR 1,000,000,- /person (nett)


Registration is complete after payment is made by transfer to 

Bank Mandiri 

127-00-1012016-8 a/n Cipta Konsultan Internasional.

Send proof of payment by whatsapp to +62 822 1111 1373


CIAS is a hands-on consulting firm on a mission to enable corporate talents to design, develop, and deploy innovation to drive business performance.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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